Beat the rush hour – don’t get stuck in life!

work life balance for doctors

You are a specialist doctor in the EU, but you are tired of having to commute between various workplaces just to make a living for you and your family.

In our capacity as a recruitment company with nearly a decade of experience in finding jobs for EU doctors in Denmark, we have heard and keep hearing a lot of illuminating stories from highly skilled physicians from all over Southern, Eastern and Central Europe, as they tell us their reasons for wanting to leave their home countries behind and hit the northbound highway.

Certain topical roads always appear from such a multitude of stories. For instance, consider the topic of transportation. A Portuguese rheumatologist explained to us that in addition to his actual job in a state clinic, he was furthermore employed at four different private clinics during the week simply to make ends meet for himself and his family. This led him to the conclusion that “I feel that by spending hours and hours in my car driving between several different workplaces, I am wasting time that I would much rather spend with my family.”

His thoughts can be mirrored in the motivation that a Polish psychiatrist offered to us as part of his reasons for desiring to leave Poland: He told us that his fulltime job was at an inpatient ward, but that furthermore he needed to work at an ambulant ward twice a week as well as at a private clinic once week, just to make ends meet. This resulted in him spending too much time commuting between workplaces: “All I would like is to live a life where my work does not take up all my waking hours and on top of that does not require me to spend so much time stuck on the road behind the wheel of my car.”

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There is another way. The future can be different.

During our interview with the Portuguese rheumatologist mentioned above, he already hinted at the possible solution to his own predicament: “I believe that the healthcare system and working conditions in Denmark would provide me with an opportunity to earn the same kind of salary from just one workplace in 37 hours, and I would probably even be able to bike to and from work as a further positive.” We were pleased to tell him that we believed he was very much on the right track with this line of thinking and happy to confirm that all of what he said holds true.

One full-time job in a Danish hospital is more than sufficient for a physician to provide for him- or herself as well as any family members. Thus, in Denmark there is basically no need to drive yourself to exhaustion by having to string together a number of jobs at different workplaces, but even then it is worth noting that transportation to and from work is likely to be short and convenient due to the relatively small size of Danish cities.

Biking for work is definitely always an option in a country where every child knows how to ride a bicycle from early age and where every day cycling is viewed “not only as an enjoyable way of commuting (…), it is also one of the most effective ways of promoting good health. For example, cycling reduces the risk of serious conditions such as heart disease, some forms of cancer, high blood pressure, obesity and the most common form of diabetes.”

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How to make the future better.

The recruitment services of Medicolink can enable you as a specialised EU doctor to settle in Denmark with your family by finding permanent medical employment in Danish healthcare. At Medicolink we strive to offer you a quality in service throughout the entire recruitment process. We know full well that a decision to move to another country is not to be taken lightly. That is why we offer our full commitment not only to you as a candidate but to your family as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about what we offer.