The hottest experience in Bornholm!


Have you ever wondered what would you do, if you would have to work only 37 hours a week? Sounds strange as a doctor? But this is the common practice in Denmark!

Don’t worry, if you decide to move to Denmark we will help you. We are not only support you during the recruitment process and the language course, but we will follow-up on you to make sure you enjoy your stay, even after the relocation. This is the main task of our integration team, but they are also here to introduce you to the Danish cultural differences and mentally prepare you for the move.

They will also help you settle down, which might include questions that what you are supposed to do with your ample free time.  Our Danish interns can give you ideas what cultural programs and leisure activities can be great fun in Denmark.

Are you worried about the weather? Then we can recommend you to check out Bornholm, the Danish Baltic Gem. One of the unique program in the Danish vacation island is the Butterfly Park. They offer the biggest attraction in Denmark which is dedicated to butterflies, since 1000 colourful butterflies flying freely around the visitors.

In addition, exotic plants, flowers and birds are makes the experience unique. And why this is the hottest experience? Because the temperature never goes below 27 degrees, since warm weather and humidity is always necessary for the exotic animals.

Are you not attracted by the exotic oasis in Denmark? Don’t worry, we have plenty more ideas how you can spend your free time!

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