The dark side of the summer holiday period for doctors

sleep deprivation of doctors
Source: Twitter

Do you suffer from sleep-deprivation? Are you a doctor? In other words, the dark side of summer holidays

Unfortunately it is common practice that doctors have to work way more, than what would be healthy. Probably during the summertime this general truth is even more closer to specialist doctors’ heart, since someone must take over the work while colleagues are away, but we all know that there are just as much patients as before.

“A good team player will not stand in a way of their friends’ or colleagues’ recreation. Everyone needs to unwind, right? I just have to survive this week… “ Is this familiar for you?

Unfortunately, probably most doctors can relate to these feelings, since nearly every hospital associate the summertime with doing overtime. We all know the symptoms of sleep-deprivation, however, sometimes it is hard to find our own limits. Or sometimes we do realize that we need to relax, since the stress effects our personal and professional life, but there is no opportunity for recreation.

Would you like to change and look for a place where work-life balance is the basic foundation of the labour market? Then please feel free to check out our open medical positions for specialist doctors. In Denmark, a workweek is 37 hours for staff specialists, while in other countries there are really no limits.

And how about your working hours?

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