Det kolde bord


In Denmark it is a tradition to invite family and friends over to “det kolde bord”. But what is this? Directly translated into English it means “the cold table”. If you are invited over to “det kolde bord”, you are going to be introduced to a traditional Danish dinner.

“Det kolde bord” really means a cold buffet where you will find the rye bread, a lot of different kinds of sliced meat and a range of different salads and dressings. What kind of dressing which goes with the salami or in which order to eat the different kinds of meat, can be difficult to know. Don’t hesitate to ask the other guests at the party how to combine the wide range of dishes! The Danes are very proud of this traditional dinner and will gladly guide you through all the dishes and help you combine them in the right way. All in all, this kind of dinner party is the perfect way to learn more about the Danish food culture.

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