Robots in the Danish Health Sector


During the last years, the Danish Health Care Sector has started utilizing robot technology on an even greater scale. One of the Danish hospitals that has lead the way is the Hospital of Southern Jutland. Since 2012, they have been testing how to use robots for tasks such as moving food, dishes, bedsheets, and blood around the hospital.  Lately, the robots have also been taking on some of the hospital porters tasks, with transporting heavy trolleys around the hospital.

The use of robots is also increasing in elder care. Here the robots might for instance help elders with dementia, that live in their own homes, by dispensing the right pills for them to take at certain times. The newest step taken in using robots, is currently being tested at a rehabilitation center for elderlies in Aarhus Municipality. Here the patients are met by a rolling robot, with a monitor showing the patients’ chief physician. The physician controls the robot by using an ordinary computer, and can thus roll the robot around the center and the physician can talk to patients. This means, that the chief physician can attend to a patient, while physically being in a hospital elsewhere.

According to the municipality’s Head of health and assisted living technologies, the robots are not supposed to replace the humans in the health sector, but to be a help in the everyday tasks of health professionals.


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