Terrific Thy!



Photo: Henrik Bolt-Jorgensen

Do you dream of getting closer to nature? Do you enjoy hiking, horseback riding, surfing or taking walks on the beach? Then you should visit Thy in Denmark.

In the north-western part of Denmark on the coast line by the Northern Sea, you find the area of Thy. This is where the first Danish national park was founded in 2008; the Thy National Park. The unique landscape of the national park comprises beaches, sand dunes, forest and some of the Denmark’s cleanest lakes. In Thy you can go hiking, horseback riding, sleep in shelters, mountain biking, fishing, and children can play on the natural playground.

Perhaps surprisingly, the coastline of Thy is also perfect for surfing, and has jokingly been named Cold Hawaii. Part of the international surfing competition World Tour PWA takes place here every year.

The largest town in the area is the historic Thisted dating back to 1300. Several businesses of different size, schools and the hospital of Region North is placed here. Further the area of Thy is less than a hundred kilometres from Aalborg, one of the biggest cities of Denmark. It is a vibrant city with lots of young people attending Aalborg University.


Are you curious Thisted, or would you like to learn more about living and working in Denmark as a doctor, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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