Natural Playgrounds



The Danish way of parenting has lately been discussed internationally, touching upon issues as Danish children TV-programmes and forest kindergartens. Especially the forest kindergartens “struck a nerve internationally” according to The Local. Other nationalities simply found it chocking, that Danish children play independently outside in all year around, not matter the weather.

However, in Denmark getting out in nature is an important part of childhood. So much so, that the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark has established natural playgrounds (“naturlegepladser”) all over the country. These are playground that are built of natural materials as timber and robes, and uses hills, vegetation and creeks as the playground equipment. The nature playgrounds are normally created as a continuation of a forest or park, and challenge children in a different way than traditional playgrounds. These playgrounds get the children using their imagination and playing independently, and exactly that may contribute to them growing up to be strong, creative and independent people.


If you would like to learn more about living and working in Denmark, contact us, and find out more about our integration program.

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