All about why Danes value Organic food products


Denmark has been at the forefront of organic farming and production for a long time. Today, Denmark has developed a large range of authentic, organic products and specialities. This is just one reason why the Danes buy more and more organic products.

In 2015, the consumption per citizen of organic food was more than 200 euros in Denmark. Denmark also had the highest organic market share in the world, followed by Sweden, Austria and Switzerland. Consumer confidence is said to be the major factor in the development and success of the organic sector in Denmark. The confidence process has been build up through a unique public inspection system from farms to stores. The organic products sold today are often labelled with both the green “EU-leaf” and the Danish national logo. These logos provide the basis for maintaining this confidence.

According to a Danish newspaper named “Politiken”: “When you first start buying organic products, you will find it difficult to stop again. It becomes a part of your identity, and you radiate responsibility not just for yourself, but also for your friends and family when buying organic products.”

In general, the popularity surrounding the organic food trend has to be found in our pursuit for the greater society, and the whole welfare system, how we care for one another.


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