The childcare system in Denmark


The childcare system for children aged 0-5 in Denmark is very prioritized, since both parents usually work. This means that your child can be looked after in a safe and stimulating environment, while you focus on work. From age 6-10, kids will be looked after in an institution called “Fritidsordning or SFO” located next the school. From age 10 until they finish high school, children have the opportunity to go to a youth club, where they have the possibility to pursuit their interest in organized events, different academic courses, sports and field trips. The list is long.

The overall purpose of having a childcare system in Denmark is that they aim to provide children and young people a frame for development as active citizens in a democratic society. All children in Denmark are guaranteed a place in childcare institution. In addition, almost all Danish families use child daycare such as preschool and afterschool.  Childcare is partly financed by the parents, and partly by the municipality connected to their livelihood.

In Denmark, we very much believe in education, and especially the education of our children. Therefore, childcare systems are aiming to provide children the right guidance in life, and designed to bring the best out of themselves.


If you would like to hear more about the possible future perspectives of your children in Denmark, please contact us or you can also read about our integration programme in Denmark.

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