New Innovative Hospital in Denmark

innocative well-equipped Danish hospital with psychiatry department

A new multifunctional hospital is currently being built in western Denmark. When the new DNV-Gødstrup Hospital opens in 2020, it is going to consist of a 125.000m2 somatic department and a 13.500m2 psychiatric hospital.

The main vision is that The New Hospital in Gødstrup will be the patient’s hospital”, and in achieving that goal, the work environment is an important factor. The hospitals’ aim is to recruit and retain the best healthcare employees, in order to create a workplace with a high degree of employee satisfaction. They thus focus on both the physical and the mental well-being of employees, letting new technology replace manual labour in routine functions, and making sure that there is a good balance between demands and resources.


modern Danish hospital for doctors to work in Denmark

In Denmark sustainability is an important issue, and that is also visible in the construction of DNV-Gødstrup Hospital. The hospital will depend mainly on sustainable energy sources and strive to be environmentally friendly. One of the many innovative implementations is the integration of rainwater in the hospitals recreational areas.


If you are curious about working as a doctor in Denmark, don’t hesitate to contact us, or visit our webpage to see our current open positions.

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