International Schools in Denmark


An international school welcomes students and cultures from all over the world. One of the main benefits of international schools is that the qualifications the students gain, easily can be transferred to other countries.

In Denmark there is currently 24 international basic schools. These are all approved by the Ministry of Education, and offer education in other languages than Danish. The international schools are scattered over the country, making them very assessable. Denmark also has 16 International Baccalaureate (IB) schools, offering the same programmes, pedagogic and philosophy as the more than 4000 IB-schools available worldwide.

An international school, is more than just a school where the teaching is in an international language. It is a school that apply a global perspective on the education programme. This perspective gives the students a more nuanced understanding of the world. A world, that can look very different depending on your background and point of view.

Though most of the international schools in Denmark uses English as the language of teaching, only a minority of the students have English as their native language. Walking into the schoolyard, you will hear a variety of mother tongues. The teaching staff is as international as the students, and thus share the experience of being in a foreign country. They therefore have a great basis for understanding the international students’ situation, and guide them both in the academic and social life in Denmark.


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