Why the Danes do volunteer work for the greater good?

Photo by Anna Sebestyén

A perfect example of how you become strongly connected to the Danes besides the forenings, might be found in the way we join volunteer organisation to support a chosen course. There exists nearly 101.000 volunteer organisation scattered all over Denmark, and the explanation is to be found in tradition, social trust and the logic of our welfare state.

Volunteer work varies and can be anything from coaching a kids-football team or serving hot meals for homeless people. In recent times voluntary work is very much related to the help of migrants fleeing from countries due to war, or fundraising campaigns providing food to starving children in the poor parts of the world. In general, there exists a high degree of volunteer work in Scandinavian cultures compared to the rest of Europa.

Historically, there has been a focus in Denmark on the necessity of volunteer work for the benefit of “the greater society”, and has become a way of sharing a democratic project among the members of a particular organisation. The talks, arguments and discussions that may occur within a volunteer organisation are a way for people to practice the aspect of democracy.

The webpage called “Frivilligjob.dk” will guide you in the broad range of volunteering opportunities that lies ahead, and inspire people to find the volunteer work that matches their interest and skills.


If you are interested living and working  as a doctor in Denmark, contact us at info@medicolink.com.




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