The Danish honesty


motorbåde, rød jolle

Danish children’s programs, has lately been discussed internationally, as a surprising and strikingly outspoken phenomenon.


Other nationalities, often find that Danes have a more direct way of communicating, than what they are used to. Danes prefer honesty and openness, and that is also reflected in the children television programs.

According to Time Magazine Danes talk more honestly with their children about subjects as sex and death, and this aspect is also present in the television shows for children. An example is the show “Vilde Venner” (Wild Friends), where to children, helped by a veterinary, find and rescue hurt animals. In one of the episodes they find a bird, that is too hurt be saved. So instead, the two children help the veterinary giving the bird a nice funeral.

According to the authors of The Danish Way of Parenting, the Danes have a different mindset than other nationalities, when it comes to parenting. A key element in the Danish parenting, is for the children to understand the world. Explaining hard, but inevitable parts of life (as death is) in an honest and gentle way, helps demystifying the subject, avoid fear and make the children more robust. So these children’s programs, may be one of the building stones, of creating the worlds’ happiest people.


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