Finding new relations or connections may be difficult when moving to a new country. One of the most promising ways of getting a “social life” in Denmark is through a membership in a union or club. Being a member of a union or a specific club culture, also known as “foreningskultur” will enhance your chances of integrating into the Danish society. “Foreningskultur” is basically a consolidation of voluntary people who practice or pursue the same things.

Through a membership of interest, you will be more actively involved in your local community. A membership in sport, cocking or even a reading club would increase your way of feeling connected to the Danes. The organisation of sports called “Dansk idrætsforbund” has some 16.000 sports clubs located all over Denmark. Sport is an important part of Danish culture. In Denmark we believe that sport is essential not only for the health but also for the democracy and social cohesiveness.

In Denmark both elite and recreational sports are considered to be important parts of the Danish cultural picture, so being a part of a certain “foreningskultur” is a very common thing. Even the smallest communities have its own “forening”, representing their values and the people living in that community. For foreigners, this may not look incomparable to their own settings, but in most cases, newcomers tend to be surprised about the amount of social capital, they gain while doing activities together with colleagues, friends or even their next door neighbour. No wonder why Denmark is the leader country in life-satisfaction researches across Europe from time to time.


Interested in hearing more about life in Denmark? Our Integration team do their best to introduce newcomers to the Danish culture. Don’t hesitate and contact us at




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