If you love food, Copenhagen is the place to be!

FrederiksbergHøstfest2015 - Rasmus_Flindt_Pedersen (2)
Photo: Rasmus Flindt Pedersen


With approximately 100.000 visitors and more than 100 unique events, the Danish Cooking & Food Festival is the largest of its kind in northern Europe. Starting on Friday the 19th of August, the 10 day long festival takes place in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen and celebrates the great Danish seasonal products, culinary experiences and of course the Nordic cuisine.

From a gastronomic nobody, to a real somebody

Fifteen years ago, the Danish food scene was unknown in the rest of the world. Today Copenhagen has become a real “foodie” darling, especially known as the go-to-place for delicious New Nordic Cuisine. Here are the best New Nordic Restaurants in CPH.

With the theme “Breaking the New”, Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival will this year celebrate the amazing development that the Copenhagen food scene has undertaken. The spotlight is turned towards new trends, production methods, talents and pioneers in Danish cooking, while celebrating “…the culinary culture of Copenhagen and Denmark as fantastic food destinations” wrote the Copenhagen Post.

So if you are curious about the benefits of eating insects, want to try making your own “snaps” or perhaps enjoy a traditional piece of “smørrebrød” (open sandwich on ryebread), Copenhagen is the place to be.

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  1. Between the great food and the fact it looks like something out of a fairytale it really seems like a great place to visit.. 🙂


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