Why Danish women remain the envy of many in the world?

women in denmark
Source: visitdenmark.dk

The awareness of gender equality in remarkably high in the Scandinavian countries. The initiative for gender equality in Denmark roots back almost a century when the Copenhagener Clara Zetkin in 1910 first suggested the idea of having a day across the world to highlight and raise awareness across the world of issues women have to face. Next year the first Women’s day was celebrated on the 19th of May in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Austria campaigning for women’s right to work.

Since then, Denmark has been ranked as the best country for woman in the world. The estimated nomination has to do a lot with the flexible working conditions and parental leave policy – that allows parents from different countries living in Denmark to pursue their career aspirations-, with the free education and generous social benefits.

The question may emerge in you if all these benefits can only be enjoyed by Danish women, and how about foreign women and mothers arriving to the little northern country?

The Local has asked expats from different countries about their experiences in Denmark.  “It is very common in Denmark to see fathers with their young babies on their parental leave, looking after the children while the mothers are taking care of their careers.” – told the Lithuanian Živile Petronyte the portal.

Working as a medical professional while having enough quality time with the family is almost impossible in several countries – even if someone is thinking about working abroad arranging all the administration without secure professional connections, it’s not easy. Our company is fully aware of this. We offer assistance in authorization and registration processes in Denmark, furthermore we assist families in finding schools and accommodation in Denmark, and in Budapest as well.

If you are interested in hearing more read about our work here or about our integration programme here.



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