Dentistry in Denmark


Developing professionally depends highly on the environment and the economical state of the place of labour. Working in a tense environment with impatient patients who bring their everyday problems into the dental chair and who are often on short of economic resources is exhausting for every dental professional. The patients have to choose the quickest and the cheapest interventions, which usually mean only temporary solution and doesn’t provide sufficient professional challenges to the doctors.

In economically stable, developed countries where more attention is payed to the social welfare system the patients are likely to be more balanced and calm. Denmark’s healthcare system is functioning outstandingly well.  Generally this means liberating mood at the workplace and fair working conditions. In addition, a steady and competitive salary is provided for the doctors in Denmark.

Medicolink’s aim is to connect private dental clinics short on labour resources with those dentists who are interested in working in a professional and developed environment, in social & economic security, in Denmark. Besides Medicolink provides intensive language and cultural training, good working conditions and a family-friendly integration program.

Currently we are looking for dentists who would like to work in a private dental clinic in Denmark.

Read more information by Tímea and Balázs dentists, and get a first-hand impression from Medicolink’s former candidates, who are working and living in Denmark.


If this sounds tempting and you would like to hear more, check out our Dentistry page and do not hesitate to contact your personal consultant Kristóf Kovács: or call +36 70 314 5076.

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