Being a good leader, not a boss


Leading a good business and good family life at the same time isn’t a mission impossible … or at least in Denmark.

As we have mentioned before Denmark is well known for it’s flexicurity model, but it is not the only uniqueness of their work culture. In the Scandinavian country mostly the flat hierarchy system is dominant at the workplaces meaning the “bosses” have a more informal connection with the employees and involves them more actively in the process of decision-making. Particularly due to this, it requires to be a good leader, rather than a boss  – says Ken Cordes in his testimonial.



Would you like to be your own boss, and enjoy all the benefits of a Scandinavian welfare state while having a healthy work-life balance? Read more about our Rheumatologist here, or for more information contact our consultant Kristóf Kovács: or: +36 70 314 5076.

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