The secret of Danes


Yet another time Denmark was scored as the world’s happiest country in 2016.

The American writer, Jessica Alexander, has tried to figure out why is Denmark ranked so often between the top countries, besides the high scores in a strong social support system, high tolerance in the society and low index of business and government corruption. After living in different countries and cultures she noticed the possible secret behind the happiness of the Danes.
She has experienced some differences in the way Danes vs. many other cultures think of life and expectations. She expresses “Danes are what psychologists would call “realistic optimists”. That is: they use reframing to view almost every aspect of life. Reframing is the ability to see the big picture and focus on the less negative aspects of a situation while not negating the negative.”
Reframing has been firmly linked to resilience and this ability, Jessica Alexanders believes, is one of the little known secrets to their happiness.


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