Education for children abroad

danish children in school

Moving abroad involves many challenges including finding new school for the children. Which one fits better the needs of the youngster, the local or the international school?

If international schools are more adequate, Cigna has released an application which helps expat parents finding a new school for their children abroad. The application sums up the international schools globally, including the ones in Denmark as well.

In case the local schools are more tempting, our consultants are ready to assist you in finding a new school for your children.

In Denmark the government-founded education is usually free of charge, there is no tuition fee for your children’s school. However, for the after school activities and for other services (for example dining) the institutes charge a certain amount of money. Higher education in Denmark is free as well for students from the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

The school year begins the third week in August and ends at the ending of June. During this period the children are on summer holidays. Furthermore there are also the following holidays where the school is closed:

  • Autumn holiday: always in the 42nd week
  • Christmas holiday: 2 weeks around Christmas and New Years
  • Winter holiday: either in the 7th or 8th week (in February)
  • Easter holiday: one week around Easter


If you are interested in hearing more about the living conditions in Denmark as a medical professional don’t hesitate to contact our consultants for more information or don’t  skip the opportunity and check our our open medical positions.


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