Medicolink’s candidates on the Danish TV!

Medioclink's candidate Antonio Tivalotti general practitioner on the Danish TV


The area of Mors was in desperate need of a general practitioner after doctor Jørgen Saaby announced North Jutland that he wants to retire. Following up the case, Danish TV channel, DK TV has made a short piece on the  GP situation in Region North and the foreign doctors set to go there.

The TV channel visited one of our preparatory Danish language classes where the aim, besides the learning of Danish language and Danish medical terminology, is to make the studies as stimulating and interactive as possible: in addition to basic reading material and written exercises, we make use of cases representing real-life situations, audio and video samples, real-life language training etc. In our Budapest office Danish television interviewed one of the family medicine candidates, Antonio Tivalotti, who has recently started to work as a GP in Region North, and thereby helping Danish patients from travelling long distances to bigger cities in case of urgent need.

We wish all our candidates good luck and all the best in Denmark!


If the report has woke your interest in being a GP in Denmark, or you are interested in working in Denmark as a medical specialist or dentist don’t hesitate to contact our consultants or learn more about our open medical positions


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