Measuring living conditions of children


children equality in Denmark research by UNICEF

UNICEF’s recent report, Fairness for Children studies the inequality of children in 41 OECD country – measuring income, education, health and life satisfaction gaps between children at the bottom of society and between the middle class children.  The study differs 3 leagues according to their performance: in the first league the inequality gap is relatively low, while in the third league the inequality gap shows how much the countries allows children coming from less favourable conditions fall behind the ‘average’ children.

Taking into consideration all the dimensions of inequality, Denmark performed the best: “Denmark has comparatively low bottom-end inequality in each of the four domains of child well-being. Indeed it is the only country to rank in the top third in all four league tables.”

Of course the leading places are all well-deserved, but there are still a plenty of areas that the countries can develop stated  Sarah Cook, the director of the UNICEF Office of Research.

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