New horizons in the treatment of patients

innovative healthcare device by Danish startup Cortrium
Source: Cortrium

One of Denmark’s promising startup, Cortrium is currently developing a device that opens up new horizons in the treatment of patients.

The Danish company has created a device with wearable sensors, which is screening heart rhythm, respiratory rate, body surface temperature, posture, movements and other vital signs. The device is able to transmit the information through Bluetooth or Wifi to the computer, eliminating the long process of manual administration and possible errors. Furthermore, into the new prototype oxygen saturation and blood pressure sensors will be added. The device  can detect infections and prevent lethal outcomes of chemotherapy treatment. Health data gives essential knowledge for doctors before deciding upon a treatment plan especially in case of cancer treatment. These data can detect the increase or decrease of infection level in the body before it can be measured by manual infection score systems. The test is in progress in different hospitals in Denmark, and in Germany as well.

If you would like to experience yourself the professional conditions of the Danish healthcare system check out our medical positions in Denmark or learn more about what it like being a doctor in Denmark.

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