Quality of life in Denmark


walkway in Denmark the happiest country of the world with high quality of life

It is always a hard decision to move to another country, but we can list several aspects why Denmark is a really good choice to live and work in.

Healthcare in Denmark is a well functioning system, with well equipped hospitals and clinics, with competent medical staff among other aspects to mention. Based on these values the overall Health Care System Index of Denmark measures 78,34 %, which is one of the leading indexes in Europe.

Satisfaction with your working conditions as a medical specialist has high priority, such as the quality of life: according to Numbeo, a user-generated statistics website that collects data worldwide, Denmark has the 2nd highest quality of life. They took into consideration several aspects like costs of living, safety and healthcare index, or how much do citizens reduce the pollution of the climate (53 % of Danes are using bicycle as the main vehicle of transportation).

If you don’t believe HERE you can compare your country’s general quality of life to Denmark’s.


If you would like to hear more about the Danish healthcare system or healthcare positions in Denmark don’t hesitate to contact our consultants.

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