Danish work culture

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Danish work culture is based on collaboration and personal responsibility.

Since childhood Danes are involved in teamwork-based education which has an impact on their work culture as well: it is typical that every relevant person is encourages to share professional ideas regardless his or her title or status. According to several expats the lack of hierarchical structure and the informal flow of communication are one of the biggest advantages of working in Denmark. This flat management structure leaves room for personal autonomy and influence that encourages professional development, furthermore empowers well-organized work circumstances.

Generally a work week consists of 37 flexible work hours. Employers usually give the employees flexibility regarding their work hours based on their personal needs – this keeps stress level at the minimum and gives the opportunity to develop a healthy balance between work and life in Denmark and leaves more time for the family.

From the study published by Oxford Research hand on hand with the Danish Chamber of Commerce, you can read more about how is life and work in Denmark.


Furthermore if you are interested in open medical positions or you would like to hear more about living and working in Denmark you are more than welcome to contact our consultants who are ready to answer your questions.

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