Development in Denmark

development in denmark, the fourth best country to live in

According to the United Nations’ study, Denmark is the 4th best country to live in out of 188 competitors. The recetly published UN Development Programme’s Human Development Report 2015 report has analysed a broad range of economic and social characteristics that support the human development such as human security and rights, promotion of equality, environmental sustainability and citizen participation in political and community life.

Denmark was highlighted for it’s strong public policies promoting gender equality and women’s participation in the labor market The Scandinavian country plays active role in the production of renewable energy as well: in 2014 wind turbines in Denmark produced 39.1.% of the total electricity consumption.

Moreover Denmark was acknowledged for it’s labour market’s flexicurity system – it’s principal aim is to promote flexible labour force while protecting empleyees by a robust social safety net applied with active labour market policies.

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