Are you half as happy as the average Aalborg citizen?

A recently published research by the European Commision shows that Aalborg, in Northern Jutland, is the happiest city in Europe. If you check the list of the top 19 European cities (via Business Insider) where residents are most satisfied with their life, you can see that the second is also a Danish city, namely Copenhagen. Shockingly (?) and sadly, no Eastern, Southern and Central European cities appear among the top 19…

What’s even more shocking, is the percentage of satisfied people in Aalborg: 72% of the respondents said they are “very satisfied”, and of the rest, 24% is “satisfied” as well! Honestly, what would you say about your satisfaction on a 5-point scale?

You can also read more about the satisfied citizens of Aalborg in the article of The Local.

festival in Aalborg in the happiest city in the world

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